Staff Information

Welcome to Savanna School District!

We have much to celebrate this school year, demonstrating that The Best Really is Yet to Come!  We began 2018 by engaging our community in a conversation about experiences with our schoosl and the Savanna School District. Our intent was to gather thoughts, ideas, and questions about our schools and District so that we can continue meeting the needs of our students. To achieve this, we teamed with a company named Thoughtexchange to assist us in getting input from our entire community. Results from our Exchange will be available here soon. On behalf of the students we serve, thank you for taking the time to help inform our planning and discussions in our District.

We're excited that the Board of Trustees’ recent action to refinance the District's 2009 general obligation bonds will save taxpayers over $850,000. The District is committed to meeting the facility needs of our students and community while also being a good steward of taxpayer dollars. Click here to read more about the recent Board action to ensure that truly, The Best Really is Yet to Come!

We’re excited about our first English/Language Arts adoption in many years; this new adoption will help teachers address key shifts in curriculum and instruction to meet the demands of the new standards and address the needs of all students. Our focus is on meeting the needs of every child, every day. Our students continue to excel because of the excellent staff we have in Savanna; it is because of your dedication and commitment that we know that The Best Is Yet To Come for our students!

“The Best Is Yet To Come” can be evidenced in the way our students and staff continue to embrace STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), including the use of technology for both instruction and student learning.  We continue to witness an amazing demonstration of student learning utilizing a variety of technology that range from kindergartners using the ‘popplet’ app to create thinking maps to first graders honing language arts and math skills with the use of iReady; from second graders using word processing skills to type reports and import photos from various sources to third graders creating their own videos using Adobe Voice; from fourth grade students creating reports in PowerPoint to fifth and sixth grade students who are able to create QR codes as well as documents on apps such as Prezi, Plickers, Pages, ChatterPix and Animoto. It’s incredible to see the way technology is used for expanding learning as well as for demonstrating skills learned; it’s always inspiring to see children enthusiastically involved with the apps they use on the iPads and programs on computers. In addition to the infusion of technology, students will continue to be immersed in engineering lessons. As our students continue to design and build, we are helping to create the workforce of tomorrow, preparing students with real-life applications to meet the demands of an ever-changing global society.

Our pride also shows in the partnerships our schools have cultivated with our local community, providing a myriad of student support programs, demonstrating that “The Best Is Yet To Come.”  Our schools’ commitment to exemplary programs that create safe and inclusive environments for all students can be evidenced at each site, some similar and others to meet the unique needs of the students, parents, and staff.  Each school will continue to implement Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS), ensuring positive behaviors throughout the campus. Partnership programs involve parents in school activities, from serving as greeters in the parking lot to assisting children at lunch, from volunteering in classrooms to reading with children throughout the school day, from welcoming dads as Watch D.O.G.S. to a school-level VIP Club, our students continue to demonstrate good citizenship along with social and emotional growth that will help them to become the leaders of tomorrow. Partnerships such as these are essential in ensuring our students have the support of the entire community to assure their success!

Because of the support of Cal Poly University, Pomona, we were able to provide a Summer Academy with a focus on STEM, with technology infused across the curriculum. Through Summer Academy, we’ve been able to provide academic support and enrichment programs not otherwise possible for the nearly 400 students in attendance; the staff and student teachers have done an outstanding job of ensuring The Best Is Yet To Come for our students.  In addition, we’ve provided before and after school opportunities for Summer Academy students including day care, Achieves, and Camp Stanton.  In addition to safe, nurturing environments, these programs have helped to provide ongoing learning experiences for our students throughout the summer.

As we continue to enhance security of our campuses, we completed several District-wide projects including the installation of remote locking front office doors as well as the installation of security film on front office windows throughout the District.  Furthering our commitment to student and staff safety, additional cameras were added in a variety of areas throughout the District. We are extremely grateful that we’ve been able to complete much-needed enhancements that will provide students and staff with safe, secure facilities to meet the demands of 21st Century learning. These projects and more will impact our children's education and our community for generations to come, demonstrating “The Best Is Yet To Come!”

When I reflect on what makes a good school district a GREAT school district, I recognize that it is “people;” people like our staff who are committed to what they do each day to ensure student success that we can be proud of; people like our parents who provide the home support for our students so that they can reach their potential; and people like all those in our community who continue to contriute to our successes in so many ways. Because of all of the support from a wide variety of people in our community, this continues to be an incredible year for our students, filled with learning adventures and…..The Best Is Still Yet To Come!”