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Q & A About New Student Enrollment


How do I enroll my child in kindergarten or transitional kindergarten?

Our enrollment process is online; you may begin the process by completing the enrollment form at Kindergarten & Transitional Kindergarten Pre-Enrollment Form

Which Savanna School District school should my child attend?

Your home school is based on your residence address. If you are not sure which school is your home school, please click here for a map.  If you need assistance, please contact the District Office at (714) 236-3800.  

I want my child to attend a school other than our school of residence.  How do I enroll?

Visit your school of residence to pick up an intra-district transfer request form. Enrollment priority is given first to children who live within the school's boundaries and then to siblings of students already enrolled. Thereafter, transfers are based on space availability. More information regarding intra-district transfers is available on the Student Transfer page.

We don’t live in Savanna School District, but I want my child to attend one of the District’s schools.  How do I enroll?

Visit the school district in which you live and request an inter-district transfer to release your child. Submit the signed release as soon as possible to the school principal of the school you would like your child to attend. Enrollment of incoming transfer students is based on space availability. Decisions on incoming inter-district transfer requests will be provided by the site principal of the school you want your child to attend. While some requests may be approved within thirty days of the application, some applications may not be approved until after the first week of school in order to determine space availability in specific grade levels at sites.  More information regarding inter-district transfers is available on the Student Transfer page.

Where do I begin with the enrollment process?

Step 1:
The first step is to begin the online pre-enrollment form.  This can be found at Kindergarten & Transitional Kindergarten Pre-Enrollment Form

What will happen once I complete the online pre-enrollment form?

Step 2:
Upon completion of the online pre-enrollment form, you will receive a phone call from your school of residence to schedule a time for you to bring in the required information including:

Proof of Birth – Original birth certificate, passport, or baptismal certificate, physician statement of birth, passport showing age or other valid proof of birth

Proof of Residency – List of documentation required to verify residency is available here

Original immunization record stamped by the doctor’s office

Physical Exam for School Entry form

Oral Health Assessment form

Step 3:
After your meeting with the school staff, you will be directed to go back online to complete the enrollment process.  You will receive an email with information about Kindergarten Orientation that will be held at your child’s new school the week prior to the first day of school.

Where can I get more detailed information about the school district or a particular school?

District and school information is available on our websites. You can also find pertinent school information on the School Accountability Report Cards, which are posted on the School Report Card tab on each school’s website. You may also contact your school of residence regarding upcoming orientation meetings, school tours, and Open House events.

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