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Jerry Friedman

Below is contact information for Holder School's teaching and support staff members that you may need to contact, in alphabetical order. Please keep in mind that our staff are teaching during the day and it may not be possible to provide a prompt response. If you need an immediate reply, please call the school office.

Lori Chang
Erika Barr
Brittney Barnes
Erin Batezel
Erika Barr
Daniel Chen
Matthew Clinton
Debi Crain
Theresa DelCampo
Jason Donati
  • Mr. Jason Donati
  • Room 60
  • Resource Specialist Program (RSP) Special Education Teacher
Debbie Estrada
Marlene Fisher
Gina Fulford
Carmen Garcia
Mayra DePalma
Elizabeth Guillen
Sheri Joseph
Barbara McIsaac
Terry Mewes
Julie Metz
Debra Morrell
  • Mrs. Debra Morrell
  • Room 8
  • Transitional Kindergarten/ Kindergarten/1st Grade Special Education Teacher
Joanna Munoz
Katelyn O'Dell
Christopher Page
Lori Pencille
Thekla Seigman
Belinda Shaeffer
Holly Teipe
Ali Volen
  • Ms. Ali Volen
  • Room 6
  • Kindergarten/1st Grade Special Education Teacher