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Welcome to the Reid School PTA

photoWelcome back Reid families and staff!!  As a Reid family have gone through many changes these past couple of years, with a brand new school and now a new principal for this year.  We also have had an addition of new PTA Board members.  Our hope this year is to continue the foundation the previous PTA Board has established.   

Our children’s best interest has always been our priority.  We value the importance of education and hope to enrich their education experience with programs such as Meet the Masters, field trips, book fairs, Red Ribbon Week and more.  PTA also oversees services such offering disaster packs, school T-shirts, and Holiday Food Baskets for families in our community.  

As your PTA Board, we're continually learning; this sometimes involves new fundraising ideas and trying to work more efficiently.  Last school year we had our first school carnival in over 25 years and, believe me, it took many hours and a hard working team to make this possible.  We took notes to see what worked and what we could do even better. 
The PTA Board cannot do all it all, although we try.  This year we are trying to implement more committees to oversee the events that will take place over the year.  We really need new parents to assist in a variety of ways. All it really takes is the willingness to say “Yes I’m available; what can I do to help?" 

We could use any amount of time, large or small, you're willing to volunteer; it's a wonderful opportunity to get involved and know your community.  By volunteering, you'll develop friendships with other parents and have more eyes looking out for your children.  Please take the time and opportunity to get involved and really make a difference in your child’s school.  WE can use you and appreciate any time you can offer. 

We hope this next year will be even more successful, please join us in supporting our new principal Mr. Murillo and our new board members.   Reid Rams Rock!!

Tina Karanick
PTA President