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Erin Helenihi

Below is contact information for Reid School's teaching and support staff members that you may need to contact, in alphabetical order. Please keep in mind that our staff are teaching during the day and it may not be possible to provide a prompt response. If you need an immediate reply, please call the school office.

Kymberlee Advani
Danelle Alexander
Sydne Betz
Susan Broscow
Veronica Bustinzxa
Victoria Chiu
Mark Cohen
Melissa Doerr
Debbie Girgenti
Angela Gooch
Michelle Gulfin
Lori Chang
Yusra Hassan
Elsa Huddy
Leslie James
Debbie Knowles
Christina Lee
Lori Chang
Julie Metz
Vickie Moss
Adrian Owens
Greg Payne
Melissa Peltz
Lauren Rips
Susan Sammour
Gayle Sievers
Kelly Smith
Karrie Stinnett
Amy Tang
Brandi Teutimez
Vanessa Valenzuela
Alix Walker
Sarah Yoon