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Welcome to the 2023-24 school year! My name is Amy Slevcove, and I am proud to serve as your child’s principal. At Hansen, we believe that every child has unique talents and abilities waiting to be nurtured. Our dedicated team of educators strives to create a supportive and inclusive environment where each student can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. We are commited to providing a well-rounded education that not only focuses on academic excellence, but also promotes character development, critical thinking, and creativity.

Hansen Huskies are full of P.R.I.D.E.! We “pride” ourselves on implementing the Hansen motto: Politeness, Respect, Integrity, Determination, and Enthusiasm. These five simple character traits are the building blocks that will enable our students to navigate challenges and become responsible global citizens.

Our excellent staff provides quality instruction, focusing on the Common Core State Standards and encourages students to collaborate and take an active role in their learning. Our instructional practices provide all Huskies with a rigorous and enriching academic experience. 

Our goal is that all of our students develop and maintain a love for learning!  We are continuing our focus on Benchmark Advance, including working with students toward mastering academic vocabulary, becoming fluent readers, and using their writing skills for effective communication.  These are critical to a student’s continued success in their educational journey! 

We can't help but let our PRIDE show in the tremendous progress of our students! We continue to witness an even higher standard of excellence this year, and are continuing to provide the support and leadership needed to meet these goals. It is our goal to provide our students with the necessary skills to become proficient 21st Century Learners.  Teachers are excited to continue to implement our Common Core aligned comprehensive ELA/ELD curriculum in addition to the iReady intervention program.

We believe that parent/guardian involvement plays a pivotal role in a child’s educational journey. At Hansen, parents/guardians have the opportunity to be an integral part of the school community. We invite you to join our PTA, WATCH D.O.G.S, and attend our fun school events, such as the Fall Festival, Reach the Reader, and Talent Show to name a few. With your support, we can continue to foster a strong sense of community and partnership between home and school, which creates a powerful support system for our students.

I am looking forward to a fantastic school year! Go Huskies!

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Mrs. Amy Slevcove

About our Principal

Mrs. Amy Slevcove, Hansen School Principal

Mrs. Amy Slevcove is excited begin her second year with the Hansen Family as the Hansen School Principal. She has been with the Savanna School District for seventeen years, serving as a teacher in kindergarten, first, fifth, and sixth grades. She was honored as Savanna School District’s Teacher of the Year in 2017. Prior to becoming Principal, Mrs. Slevcove spent two years as a Teacher on Special Assignment focusing on supporting the Savanna teachers in the areas of STEM and Technology. Prior to becoming Principal for the 2022-23 school year, she served as a co-principal for the District’s Summer Academy program. Mrs. Slevcove earned her Bachelor’s Degree and Multi-Subject Teaching Credential from California State University, Long Beach, and her Master’s Degree in Teaching from National University. Having taught a wide-range of grade-levels and working with each teacher throughout the district has allowed Mrs. Slevcove to identify the key components necessary for student success. Mrs. Slevcove loves spending time with her husband (also an educator) and three sons. In her spare time, you can find her at the beach, traveling, and enjoying time with friends and family.

Click here for the Title I Parent and Engagement Policy

Mrs. Amy Slevcove

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