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Welcome to Hansen School!

What an exciting school year 2021-22 is shaping up to be!  My name is Nicole Fischer and I am honored to serve as the principal of Hansen Elementary School.   Parents, teachers, support staff, community and administration all play a part in helping our students meet and exceed our expectations of them.





School Health and Safety Protocols

Please know that we continue to take every precaution to keep your children safe at school following health guidelines in place. 

The state recently released the Updated California Department of Public Health guidance for K-12 schools. As a reminder, COVID-19 health requirements are set by state and county health officials, and school districts are required to follow the guidance in order to operate in-person instruction.

This new guidance updates previous versions in a few important ways. These updates include the following:

The District has  clarified with state and county health officials that the indoor masking mandate is the same as last year. 

Because students consistently wear masks at all times when indoors at school, guidelines state that students who are exposed to COVID-19 may quarantine at school.  In order to quarantine at school students must: 

      If your child is unable to do the above, there are 2 out of school quarantine options:

  1. Quarantine at home for 10 days without testing; 


2)   Should you choose, you can have your child tested after day 5 and if negative, they may return to school on day 7 of their quarantine.  Proof of negative test must be provided to the school prior to their return.  Parents should continue to monitor their children for symptoms for two weeks by: Checking their temperature twice a day as well as watching for fever, cough, shortness of breath, and other signs/symptoms of COVID-19, such as chills, sore throat, muscle aches, diarrhea, or loss of sense of taste or smell.

Savanna School District is committed to continue with contact tracing for students and staff.  Contact tracing will be done to determine who the child was within 6 feet of for at least 15 minutes.  Children may stay in school during the modified quarantine.  We encourage children who are tested because of an exposure to wear a mask, both indoors and outdoors, during the modified quarantine.

It is important that we protect student privacy and will not divulge the name(s) of any person testing positive for COVID-19 to anyone other than themselves or his/her parents. It is not appropriate for anyone to attempt to learn such information or otherwise attempt to independently determine a student or staff member’s potential medical diagnosis.  Please join me in ensuring a safe and supportive environment for our community and respect the privacy of others. 

Savanna School District is committed to offering a drive-up opportunity for free COVID-19 testing for children who have been asked to stay home from school due to symptoms.  Parents will need to complete the JotForm prior to having their child tested.

In addition, all classrooms are sanitized using an electrostatic magnetic fogger nightly.  If there is a case of an individual testing positive for COVID-19 during the school day, additional fogging will occur when students are not in the room.  We are pleased to continue these standards to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff.

We will continue to monitor health and safety guidelines from our state and local agencies. If you have any questions or need support, our school office staff will be available from 7:45- 3:00 on all school days. We hope you and your family stay healthy and safe. Hansen Huskies are AMAZING!!!

Click here for the Title I Parent and Engagement Policy

Hansen School's Instructional Program

Our instructional strategies and practices are aligned with the Common Core State Standards as our dedicated staff members provide our students with a high caliber learning experiences in  caring and nurturing environments. Our goal is that all of our students develop and maintain a love for learning!  We are continuing our focus on Benchmark Advance, including working with students toward mastering academic vocabulary, becoming fluent readers, and using their writing skills for effective communication.  These are critical to a student’s continued success in their educational journey!  These skills will be stressed through Distance Learning at all grade levels as we continue to equip our students to build for their future success.

We are continuing to see tremendous academic and community improvements at Hansen School; we can't help but let our PRIDE show in the tremendous progress of our students! We continue to witness an even higher standard of excellence this year, and are continuing to provide the support and leadership needed to meet these goals. It is our goal to provide our students with the necessary skills to become proficient 21st Century Learners.  Teachers are excited to continue to implement our Common Core aligned comprehensive ELA/ELD curriculum in addition to the iReady intervention program.

School Events

Summer Academy begins May 31!

Summer Academy begins May 31! | May 31, 2023 through June 29, 2023

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