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Student Transfer Information

The Savanna School District boundaries include portions of west Anaheim, Buena Park, Cypress and Stanton.  Click here for a map of Savanna School District boundaries.

Per Education Code, students must have permission to attend school within a boundary area or school district other than the one in which they live. This permission is granted in the form of either an INTRA-DISTRICT or INTER-DISTRICT transfer.

INTRA-DISTRICT = Transferring between schools within the Savanna School District
INTER-DISTRICT = Transferring into or out of the Savanna School District

Enrollment Priority:

1.  Continuing students currently enrolled at the school
2.  New students living within the school's boundaries
3.  Sibling of a student currently in attendance
4.  District students requesting intra-district transfers between schools
5.  Students requesting inter-district transfers into the district

All incoming inter-district transfer requests should be submitted to the school principal of the school you would like your child to attend. Schools will begin making appointments for transfer requests beginning February 28, 2022.  Enrollment of incoming transfer students is based on space availability. Decisions on incoming inter-district transfer requests will be provided by the site principal of the school you want your child to attend. While some requests may be approved within thirty days of the application, some applications may not be approved until after the first week of school in order to determine space availability in specific grade levels at sites.   

All outgoing inter-district transfer requests should be submitted school principal of your school of residence.  Please contact your child's school of residence for information on obtaining a transfer. The site principal will make an appointment to meet with you regarding your request with a decision on the request provided within thirty days of the meeting.  

Transfer requests will be considered equally.  It is not first-come, first-served.