Cerritos Elementary School Staff

Mrs. Lauren Stuart Principal

Below is contact information for Cerritos Elementary School's teaching and support staff members that you may need to contact, in alphabetical order. Please keep in mind that our staff are teaching during the day and it may not be possible to provide a prompt response. If you need an immediate reply, please call the school office at (714) 236-3830.

Mrs. Jennifer Ballogg
3rd Grade Teacher
Room 33

Mrs. Joyce Buschelman
Transitional Kindergarten
Room 3

Mr. Carlos Cedano
6th Grade Teacher
Room 51

Ms. Hannah Choe
Room 1

Mrs. Julie Clendening
Resource Specialist Teacher
Room 50

Mrs. Corrie Cockle
Kindergarten Teacher
Room 4

Mrs. Wendy Cracchiolo
2nd Grade Teacher
Room 12

Mrs. Carey Davis
4th Grade Teacher
Room 42

Mrs. Dayna Edwards
4th Grade Teacher
Room 23

Mrs. Kristy Freese
2nd Grade Teacher
Room 21

Mrs. Robin Harbeck
6th Grade Teacher
Room 54

Mrs. Mindi Hoffman
5th Grade Teacher
Room 52

Mrs. Kristen Holden
6th Grade Special Education Teacher
Room 40

Mrs. Cynthia Hubina
Kindergarten Teacher (job share with Mrs. Jurado)
Room 2

Mrs. Lisa Jack
3rd Grade Teacher
Room 22

Mrs. Monica Jurado
Kindergarten Teacher (Job share with Mrs. Hubina)
Room 2

Mrs. Nora McGinnis
4th and 5th Grade Teacher
Room 41

Ms. Julie Metz
Strings Instructor

Mrs. Jamie Morgan
1st Grade Teacher
Room 13

Mrs. Katrina Moseley
Speech Language Pathologist
Room A

Ms. Jennifer Prado
School Office Coordinator

Ms. Cynthia Sath
4th and 5th Grade Special Education Teacher
Room 43

Mr. Andy Schmeritsnig
School Psychologist

Mrs. Amy Slevcove
6th Grade Teacher
Room 53